What Are Some Team Building Events That I Can Put On?

Team building is one of the most important parts of company culture. Getting along with your fellow employees and being able to work together in an efficient way is incredibly important to the success of a company. Whether you are the boss, owner, CEO or just an event planner, then you should know how important it is to run team building events and exercises in order to get your employees working together and have a good time while they are working. Here are a couple team building events and ideas that you can put on in order to get your employees working harder and stronger.

Getting to Know You Games

Having a night or a part of your day sectioned out to do getting to know you type games can be fun and teach your employees about each other. This is one of those team building events that will get everyone to bond. Bonding with your fellow workmates can make working together feel less like a job and more like something that you do for fun. Studies have shown that the more relaxed you can make a workplace, the more efficient your workers will be. If they aren’t stressing about working with someone and instead know them on a deeper level than just co-workers, then they will want to work harder together. You can also learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, which can make delegating even easier.

Small Challenges

There are a few challenges that you can do in order to build teams up and acclimate them to working together. Some challenges, such as an egg-drop challenge, can be good things that will allow your employees to work together to solve a simple challenge, as well as give them some competition in order to make something great, rather than something that they can stumble through. A little bit of healthy competition is never a bad thing, and if you incentivize them enough, they will be more willing to participate in these challenges and create something amazing. Try not to foster an incredibly competitive environment, and keep things within reason, but throughout exercises like this, you will notice stronger bonds being formed and more people getting along.

Game Show Events

Employees during team building events

If you’ve ever watched game shows or reality TV shows, then you’ll see some ways that you can implement the ideas of the show into an office game. Game show style activities are great for team building events. It doesn’t matter which show you choose, as long as you can easily replicate the fundamentals of it in your work environment. Most of the game shows you see on TV have some sort of video game implementation, or at least you can replicate the idea of the show in a power point or Zoom meeting. No matter what kind of work environment you have, you should be able to find a popular game show and implement that style of game in your work environment. This can improve teamwork as well as breed a little bit of competition.

There are many different ideas and ways to get your team working together in a good and fast way. Search around your office to find items that you can utilise in your next team building event and see what kind of things you can come up with. Don’t be afraid to ask your employees what they would like to see or do for the next team building exercise. Listening to your employees and co-workers is part of team building and using their suggestions can make your next event go much better than expected.

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