Is EE Camp for you?

We think so! If you can say yes to any of the following questions, ExpressionEngine Camp may be just what you’ve been missing:

  • Do you currently use ExpressionEngine and want to sharpen your skills?
  • Are you just getting started using ExpressionEngine and ready to jump in headfirst?
  • Are you looking for a designer-friendly and fun-to-use Content Management System?
  • Are you looking to hire an ExpressionEngine pro to help you with your web site?
  • Do you want to help build the local EE community?
  • Do you like s’mores?
  • Don’t know the first thing about ExpressionEngine yet?

We think you’ll love it! Come and find out how amazing it is, and make some nice new friends you can mingle and swap geeky stories with.

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