Many people see camping as negative and more and more people are staying in a hotel or house. But what are the positives sides of camping? Because it is actually just a lot of fun and above all fun!


What is most important for most people is that camping is much cheaper than again when you are in a hotel or house.

Your own stuff

Whether you sleep on an air mattress in a tent or a bed in your caravan or camper. This is your own bed and no one else has slept in it. Who knows what happened in that bed in a hotel room or in a house? Well I wouldn’t even want to know.


I find camping much more pleasant than sitting in a hotel room. You sit a bit cozier and you get to know a lot of new people. At least who doesn’t chat with his new neighbor? And yes, even when it rains it is still fun! Enjoy all the games in the tent, caravan or camper.

Own car

You are with your own car so if you want to go somewhere you can just take the car and drive there. Campsites are often selected where there is much to see and experience in the area.


And yes of course the sanitary is not always great. But there are always solutions for this and it is just a matter of getting used to. Do you not want to walk around the campsite with a toilet roll? Put this in a plastic bag.

Do you find dressing in the showers uncomfortable? Put on your bathrobe and always keep everything in your toilet bag. You will never forget your shampoo.


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